Bill Lockyer Discusses the Impact of COVID-19 on CA

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Impacted Everyone and This Includes CA, which Bill Lockyer Is Here To Explore

During the past few months, the world has experienced an unprecedented crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone, leading to millions of infections all over the world and hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States. Bill Lockyer knows that this crisis has impacted CA as well. There are a few specific impacts that this pandemic has had on CA that have to be highlighted.

Bill Lockyer Reviews the Impact of COVID-19 on the Healthcare System in California

First, Bill Lockyer is going to review the impact of the virus on the healthcare system in CA. CA has one of the largest healthcare networks in the country. At the same time, even this network has been pushed to the limit by the pandemic. Bill Lockyer has watched as numerous hospitals have asked for more supplies over and over again as they try to treat everyone who comes to see them. This has been a difficult time and it is great to see the professionals in CA stepping up to work extra hours and pick up extra shifts to ensure that nobody in the state goes without the healthcare they need.

Bill Lockyer Discusses the Effects of COVID-19 on Small Businesses in CA

Of course, Bill Lockyer knows that this public health crisis has created an economic one as well. He has watched as numerous small businesses have watched their revenue dry up in the face of this pandemic. With shelter in place orders, Bill Lockyer knows that it has been hard for businesses to keep their doors open. As a result, they have been forced to close. While the PPP has provided some help to those in need, it has not been enough. It has been sad to watch numerous businesses in the state close, never again to reopen. These businesses need help and there are resources available.

Bill Lockyer Highlights the Impact of COVID-19 on Individuals and Families in CA

Finally, Bill Lockyer also wants to talk about the impact the pandemic has had on the individuals and families of CA. First, there are lots of individuals who have been laid off from their jobs as small businesses and corporations have tried to slash their overhead costs in an effort to stay liquid. This leaves many individuals and families wondering how they are going to make ends meet. Second, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of their health as well. Therefore, Bill Lockyer knows that it is easy to understand why mental health concerns in CA have spiked during the past few months. At the same time, help is always available for those who need help. Individuals and families should consider telehealth during this time.

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