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Bill Lockyer Analyzes how the Wind is Blowing in California for 2020 General Election  

Bill Lockyer Explains and Analyzes how the Wind is Blowing in California for the 2020 General Election  

The 2020 US general election is a significant one, with tensions high among both parties. Bill Lockyer explains how things appear to be going in California for the election.

There is a lot on the line in the United States, with the 2020 general election being a clash between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump, as well as many political races going on down ticket from the Presidential race. California is one state that has a number of races going on, with the highest number of House of Representatives seats up for contention in 2020 compared to any other state. Bill Lockyer explains what the stakes are in this race and how the wind appears to be blowing.

Bill Lockyer explains the direction the California 2020 general election appears to be going

To get it out of the way, the race between Biden and Trump is entirely moot. Trump is deeply unpopular in the state, which has been fairly solidly blue for many years now. There are still areas that tend to vote conservative more than liberal, Bill Lockyer explains, but overall, the elections tend to favor the left. The House of Representatives saw a fairly strong swing in 2018, with a number of seats flipped in a surprise upset in many cases. In one case, Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican who once held the seat in Orange County since 1989, lost it in 2018, though it was very close, and his competitor — Democrat Harley Rouda — raised a lot of money to achieve this success, aided by a 4 million dollar donation from Michael Bloomberg. Because of how close this race was, Bill Lockyer notes that the Orange County race, as well as other close races in California, are going to be contentious this year as well.

Similarly, some of the seats where Republicans had a close win are also going to be contentious, such as the one held by Devin Nunes, representing the 22nd district of California since 2013, Bill Lockyer notes. Nunes had the closest race of his career in his career, going 53% to his competitor’s 47%, and whether Trump manages to increase Republican turnout or increase Democratic opposition may make his 2020 reelection more or less certain than it was two years ago. Overall, the most competitive seats in California this year — Democrats TJ Cox, Gil Cisneros, and Harley Rouda are projecting blue, as is the seat controlled by Republican Mike Garcia, Bill Lockyer points out. Outside of the House and the Presidency, California is relatively easygoing this time around, Bill Lockyer notes. This time around, there are no elections being held for the U.S. Senate seats, nor is the position of Governor up for grabs (having been won by Gavin Newsom in 2018), Bill Lockyer notes.


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